Product, Solution, and Industry Marketing Tactics

We offer a full range of strategic and tactical marketing services to jump start or augment your product, solution, and industry marketing as well as your demand creation and awareness marketing.

Technology Research & Strategy

  • Market research – Quantify market opportunity using secondary and primary research such as stakeholders interviews (users, buyers, partners, analysts etc)
  • Technology assessment – Identify missing elements etc
  • Partner identification – Identification of potential partners

Customer-Centric Messaging

  • Message development – For corporate, product, solution and industry messaging
  • Result – Relevant messages that resonate with the target audience

Demand Creation & Awareness Campaigns

  • Integrated campaign strategy – Including all areas of the marketing mix: direct/email/web marketing, social media, public relations, analyst relations, marcomm/collateral/website.
  • Campaign themes – Key solution-oriented themes based on top challenges, industry issues and more
  • Content development – Promo copy, presentations, collateral copy
  • Direct sales and joint partner campaigns

Product and Solution Launch

  • Complete and integrated launches – Encompassing all areas of marketing – demand creation, awareness marketing, direct/email/web marketing, social media, public relations, analyst relations, marcomm/collateral/website

Content Marketing & Content Development

  • Themes – Identification and analysis of top themes to incorporate into content strategy
  • Content development – Full range of content development including datasheets, web content, presentations, blog posts and more

Sales and Channel Enablement/Training

  • Sales framework – Prioritized sales enablement by sales stage/buyer’s journey phase
  • Sales training – product, solution and industry training; corporate message training
  • Partner communication plans
  • Sales tool creation

Marketing Ops & Martech (Marketing Technology)

  • Marketing automation platforms  – Selection, strategic considerations
  • MQL criteria – Development of MQL criteria in concert with your sales function

Marketing Strategy & Organization

  • Strategic drivers – Identification of key strategic drivers for the business
  • Annual plan – Annual business plan including strategy and tactics
  • Budget – Development and maintenance of annual budget
  • Organization design – Strategy-driven organization and staffing plan
  • Staffing & hiring – Job descriptions, interviewing, hiring
  • Cross-functional collaboration – Opportunities for improving effectiveness of marketing and other teams through improved collaboration for product launches, new product development and more

Structured coaching

Structured coaching provides expert guidance on a regular basis, meeting once every two to four weeks.  
  • Initial assessment – Whether you need broad or narrow coaching, we will meet with you to understand your needs and determine the key areas to cover in coaching meetings.
  • 360 assessment – We can conduct a manager/peer/subordinate 360 review to identify your strengths and growth opportunities.
  • Coaching plan – We will meet with you and your manager to create a coaching plan so we all agree on key areas that will be covered, as well as expectations.
  • Coaching sessions – Lasting from 45 to 60 minutes and taking place every two to four weeks, we will review your recent progress and challenges, share best practices, discuss different approaches to problem-solving, and then give you “homework” to work on before our next session. 
  • Manager/sponsor check in – We will meet periodically with your manager to review your progress and adjust the coaching program. 

Custom services

  • We will create custom programs to meet your specific needs