Workshops & Classes

Are you challenged to market your solutions? 

Unsure which markets to attack first? 

Challenged to create value propositions that resonate with prospects, sales teams and business partners?

Solution Marketing Strategies can help your organization.

Learn how solution marketing increases marketing effectiveness.

Get started now >> Join us for a solution marketing workshop just for your company, via web/phone conference or in-person. In just one or two hours, you’ll get both an overview of solution marketing as well as a brief consultation. You’ll leave with a better understanding of solution marketing and how it can help your organization:

  • Why customers want solutions, not just products
  • How solutions help you to better meet customers’ needs
  • Determining optimal target markets, industries and solutions
  • How solution marketing is different from traditional marketing
  • How to market solutions using the four-step SEVA model
  • Solution pitfalls to avoid

This is NOT an impersonal presentation to a large audience. Rather, this is an intimate and interactive workshop — just for your company. Bring your questions and your challenges, and afterwards, you’ll walk away better prepared to solve your marketing challenges.


“He wrote THE blog on solution marketing”

Steve Robins is a solution marketing thought leader who’s been transforming companies into solution providers for over 15 years. A consultant and former research analyst at The Yankee Group and guest contributor to TechTarget SearchCRM, Steve has held senior marketing positions at companies like Building Engines, FirstBest Systems, EMC Documentum and KANA. In the process, he grew revenue and created thousands of targeted leads while winning multiple awards for his contributions.  Steve is also the president of the Boston Product Management Association and ProductCamp Boston.