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Way back in the dot com bubble, Steve Robins worked at the Yankee Group as a senior analyst, writing “first reports” on new web applications and technologies.  Steve also founded a long-running conference on corporate portals and he was widely quoted for his work as well.  Following are some of the reports Steve authored between 1998 and 2000:

Web-Based Customer Service

  • The emerging framework (single system) for customer service
  • Web-based customer interaction (e-mail, chat, etc)
  • E-mail response systems

Content Management & Corporate Portals

  • Corporate portals as a new type of user interface
  • Pushing content to the edge of the network and closer to users
  • Web site content management


  • Architecture for high volume web commerce (key components required for web commerce)
  • Case studies on leading web commerce sites


  • XML enables e-commerce
  • Microsoft BizTalk